We are not done.

At my age, 23, I have realized that I am not done. I have not met all the people I am meant to love. Or hate, I guess. But on a more positive note, love. Life is still moving and I'll meet more people I grow to care about and keep in my life. Life is not done. 


My mother said this to me as we were driving home Monday morning, "You'll have more people in your life by the time you're old enough to die," 


She's not wrong. I might have kids. I might fall in love. I might meet nieces and nephews. I might fall in love more than once. I might break someone's heart or get my heart broken. 


Life is a path, and people are pitstops. I never thought I would meet my best friend by the time I got to high school. I merely thought that all my close friends were from my childhood and I'd never make any other close friends. Then I did. 


How many more times will that happen? 


Life is a great journey and I can't wait to meet everyone. 

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