Tinder Date Gone Wrong part 2 (fiction)

I will be honest, I was a little afraid to return to that old house. It’s in pretty shitty condition and the guy in there isn’t who I thought he was. He was just some ugly guy lying on the internet. True, that pissed me off as well. But what was I supposed to do? Slash his throat because he smells like B.O. and dresses like a middle schooler? I mean, the drugs were only going to keep him out for so fucking long.


But I decided to be rational. I went to my apartment and took a shower, washing away the sins of the night before. I could only see his green eyes looking up at me as he drank the water, looking at me with such contempt and loathing. I shuddered and continued washing my hair. Then I grabbed my wallet, put on my clothes, and got ready to go meet Sandy for some coffee.


But first, time to stop by the house where Jake would probably be waking up. I drove to about a block away, and parked, before getting out and jogging over to the house, looking around, and entering.


Silence, I was met with silence.


I walked up the creaky stairs and opened the door to see my Tinder nightmare laying in the bed, eyes closed, and duct tape still over his mouth, his breathing was deep. I walked over and sat down on the bed, jostling it slightly.


Then he opened his eyes and stared at me.


I looked at him, “I’m going to take the tape off, make one sound and I swear to god I will fucking slit you from ear to ear,” I said, we both looked at my empty hands and he actually rolled his eyes.


“Dude,” I said, reaching into my bag and pulling out a small pocket knife, “I’m not fucking around,”


He nodded and I ripped off the tape, he let out a squeal of pain but other than that remained silent, staring at me with his tired eyes.


“So, you may be wondering why you’re here,” I said.


He just stared at me.


“See Jakey, there was a slight… mix up, but I can’t just let you go out there and tell everyone that I done fucked up,” I smiled at him and he narrowed his green eyes in anger, opening his mouth as if to say something, then promptly closing it again.


“You can talk,” I said.


“You’re insane,” he whispered, his voice dry.

“No, I’m helpful,” I insisted, “You’re the one who lied about what you looked like in your picture on Tinder,” I reminded him.


He stared at me for a moment, “Is that really what you want to talk about?”


“I mean, if you’re going to call me out, better be ready to take it back homie,” I snapped.


“You tied me to a bed, after you drugged me,” he whispered, “You don’t intend on letting me go, even though just told me you made a mistake??”


“Well you would tell the cops,” I said.


“No I wouldn’t,” his voice rose an octave, and he looked at me with his pleading eyes and I laughed.


“Listen Jake, I’m going to go meet someone for coffee,” I said, “But I’ll get more duct tape and be back in about an hour, I might bring some food,”


He started shaking his head, “LET ME OUT!” he screamed, so loudly that I jumped back, almost dropping the knife.


“Shut up,” I hissed, I straddled him and put my knife to his throat, pushing it ever so slightly so that a tiny drop of red appeared on the knife, “Shut up Jake, or I’ll slit your throat and you won’t even live to see the scraps I bring you,”


He looked up at me, silent now. I scrambled off the top of him and reached to the floor for the tape.


“I hate you,” was all he said, before I placed the tape over his mouth.


“I don’t give two shits,” I said, “I’ll be back, try not too fuck anything up while I’m gone Jakey,”


With that I left.


When I met Sandy for coffee she looked like she had a sleepless night, just like I had.


“I just don’t know if I should meet Jake,” she said.


I looked at her, “After what he did, why would I want too?” I asked.


“Because I want to know if he has an apology,” Sandy explained.


I looked at her, so beautiful and innocent, still believing the best of people, even after what happened.


“Maybe don’t meet him alone?” I suggested.


“Would you come with me?” she reached over and took my hand. My heart reached out for her.


“Yeah, of course,” I smiled at her and we held hands for a moment or two.


It was nice, seeing a friend. I miss being social sometimes. But all social calls must end and I made my way to that abandoned house where Jake was staring at the ceiling and the room smelled of piss.


“You couldn’t even hold it in for an hour?” I growled, as I walked over.


He looked away, ashamed.


I ripped the tape off and he let out another small yelp. I looked at him, looking as pathetic as ever in this bed.


“I had to go,” he said finally, croaking, “I doubt you’d let me out to actually use the bathroom,” okay he had a valid point.


“Do you want to eat?” I asked.


“No,” he said.


“I’m just trying to be nice before I kill you,” I snapped.


“Rachel, please just let me go, we never have to talk about this again he pleaded.


“The sound of your whining voice is just a fucking reminder of how much I hate you,” I hissed, “You’re fat, ugly, and now you’ve pissed yourself,”


“You kidnapped me!” Jake cried out, “YOU KIDNAPPED ME!”


I reached out and punched his nose, hearing a crack and a groan of pain I smiled as he looked at me, blood pouring out of his nose and covering the lower half of his face.


“Please…” he wheezed.


“I brought you a sandwich,” I muttered, reaching into my purse, again, and pulling it out.


“I don’t want it,” his voice cracked and I looked at him.


“I don’t want to have to babysit you like this,” I snapped back.


“Don’t you work,” he retorted. I’ll give him this, he was definitely feisty.


“I do, but not on weekends,” I said. Then it dawned on me. After Sunday…he would be alone here.


“I don’t want the food,” he said finally.


“Eat it or I’ll hit you in the nose again,” I said quickly, I held the sandwich up to his mouth and he reluctantly took a bite, still not breaking my gaze as he did so. He finished in ten minutes.


“I hate you,” was all he could say.


“Now listen, I have to go talk to a friend…” I said. “They’ll meet me here, promise not to make too much noise Jakey?”


Jake just closed his eyes, a tear came out. I turned away, flushing. Awkward when your Tinder date cries in front of you.


“I’ll be right back,” I muttered.


I had to call someone who could help me contain this, and unfortunately the only person I could think of was….Sandy.

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