The Time Traveler

I saw an older woman yesterday, she was making her way through Rite Aid. I looked up at her in a moment and she looked back at me and looked, well, shocked. Her eyes widened comically and she stopped walking, staring at me for a split second. 


Her eyes were a mix of blue and green, and her hair was dark with blunt bangs hanging in her eyes, sort of like mine, she even wore black rimmed glasses. I took in her shocked expression and stood there confused, our eyes met and she stared at me. 


She wore a shawl, a long sleeve shirt, a long skirt, and a pair of flip flops, her head tilted to the side as she clutched her shopping bag to her chest and looked away a little too quickly. I followed her with my eyes as she marched swiftly to the sliding doors, her hair was fried and her walk was frantic. 


I shrugged it off and went to find what I was looking for, before turning around one more time. Something drew me to the older woman who was halfway out the door by now. Something familiar, and unsettling. 

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  1. dincali


    April 29, 2017