Tension Building

The fingers trace her arm, trying to ease the tension she feels, constantly. They're a gentle pattern of meaningless circles, against a tense body. She shudders once, not from pleasure but from fear, and the arms pull her closer, desperately, wide ocean colored eyes staring at her in fear. They tighten their grip with their other arm and shapes their body to hers, like contour, no words can erase the tense feeling in her stiff back or tight fists. 


Tension and stress seem to fill her life, eradicating all other things at times. The feeling is overwhelming, like a rain cloud on a beautiful day, erasing the sunshine. She squeezes her eyes shut and tries to focus on the feeling of them in the bed with her, how they smell, how they touch, how they breathe. But it's not enough, it'll never be enough and they both understand this. No matter who tries to help, no one can help her but herself, and she doesn't even know how to start that process. 


Eventually the fitful breathing and tense body start to semi relax as sleep overtakes her. They shift away a little, letting her slumbering form fall more onto the soft bed rather then a hard body. Her fists relax slightly, and the first stage of sleep takes over. They aren't sure what she will dream of, they only know that it won't be pleasant, and they stop tracing her arm, only to look once at her sleeping face. 


They gently move the hair out of her face, and place a gentle kiss on her forehead. They aren't lovers like you might be thinking, how romantic of them to sit with their stressful love. No, they are merely friends. Maybe they are siblings. It's a familial love that keeps them tied to her, and keeps them watching her even as she destroys her own life. One of the strongest loves of all, purely platonic and unconditional in it's compassion and power. 


They've loved each other since the first moment they met, not that we know that far into their history, we only know they love each other. 


The tension slowly leaves the room, only for a few hours, as they both drift off into a less than perfect sleep, that will still leave them feeling rested tomorrow. 


The end. 



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  1. RRoe

    so what is the stress from?

    June 09, 2017