statements made.

Sometimes we say things, and hope to hear a reply that makes everything okay. Sometimes when no one says anything we walk for a moment in silence, trying to come up with a way to fix the awkward moment. The statement was made, and she didn't reply, she didn't agree. Instead she went silent, put her head down, and kept walking. The one statement she should have agreed to, that you pushed and pushed for, and instead she didn't even look you in the eye. 


I tried. I spoke up as quickly as I could with a reply that would please everyone in the room. You glanced at me for a split second before running over to her and grabbing her hands and spinning her to face you. The sun was hidden behind the clouds and I stopped where I was watching as you changed the subject and she immediately let you whisk her away, willing to forget the promise you wanted from her. 


Still later on that night I was sitting in my room, trying to understand the moment I had witnessed. The way the fear vibrated in two people so loud and clear with unspoken words. So soon, and how will it hurt everyone in the end? It made me wish I had said something else, that I had turned to her myself and offered a hand instead of trying to save you. It made me wish I had just been somewhere else for such a private and agonizing moment. Instead of focusing on it I open my own latop and put on Netflix. I've got my own problems, after all. 

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