Her world is about to fall apart. The skies are on fire and her eyes reflect the blazing that her life has taken on. She bows her head, flame colored hair blowing in the wind and all that is good crumbles around her. 


But to you, all you see is a girl sitting across from you. She is gripping her cup of tea, and staring at you with hazel eyes and a cute little frown, listening to you tell her how to fix her life, as if your advice can solve all of her problems. 


She bites her lip and her mind is racing with thoughts of how to tell you off, how to get you to back off. She wants to show you the cuts on her wrist, and tell you that telling someone to suck it up is not the right way to handle problems. She wants to show you her thoughts of suicidal idealization. 


Instead she continues to look down at her tea, and meet your eyes. 


You can't understand the pain she goes through. All you know is that she's been really depressing lately and you want to fix it. 

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Comments (1)

  1. dincali

    no one can fix what another is going through.

    May 17, 2017