Read me.

She rests her forehead up against her palm, her thumb placed below her ear. Her fingers are rigid, and her shoulders are hunched as she looks at her computer with thin lips. When the little kids walk into the room, she shakes her head in a quick motion and her fingers tense over the mouse pad on her laptop, and then her other hand swipes her hair out of her face in annoyance. Her legs are tightly crossed and she is not moving at all, accept for the occasional flick of her fingers on that mousepad. 


When someone asks her a question her hands immediately lower to her mouth, and her fingers pinch her bottom lip as she rigidly nods an answer, not looking up from the computer long enough to make meaning full contact. 


As soon as the kids leave, her hands fly away from her face and she begins talking rapidly. Her feet start moving silghtly and her fingers become slighty more relaxed as she places her forehead near her palm for a second before she rests them and curls her legs to her chest, leaning back and smiling. 

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