Online dating.

I do online dating. Of course I do, I am a millenial in todays age of tech with all the dating apps. I use tinder and okcupid mostly. Sometimes POF. POF; Plenty of Fish, is a site filled with people who don't seem to understand how to use regular dating sites. Everyone I have met on this site seems strange and a little sketchy. 


One dude in particular, we'll call him...Dude. Dude found me on facebook and added me, okay fair enough. Then he started talking to me. At first it went well, we had stuff in common and he was good at carrying a conversation. 


Then the insanity started, now let me tell you we had only been talking for....a day? Not even? Anyway, this fucker decides to tell me how everyone hates him because of his personality and then decides to tell me I do as well, throwing all these accusations at me. Now I might be a little crazy myself, but what the fuck?


Then I told him he should NOT make accusations at me, because we barely know each other and I never even implied anything about his personality, he fucking goes on and on about how his behavior is excused because of his drug addiction. 


I blocked him. 

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Comments (1)

  1. infinite_ronin

    That brings back bad memories for me…

    May 19, 2017