more K-Dizzle conversations (drunk edition)

Drunk at a bar 1

K-dizzle: I really want to suck a cock, do you want to suck a cock?

Me: Not at the moment.

K-dizzle: Here (hands me phone) start messaging people for me, I gotta go talk to that bouncer real quick. 

Me: I....okay. 




K-dizzle: A-are you two dating? You gave her your jacket. 

Me: No, and how many times have you just taken my jacket?

K-dizzle: How come you never hold me?

Me: I really have no idea what to tell you right now. 

K-dizzle: I just want to be able to cuddle. 

Me: It is 30 degrees out where is he?

K-dizzle: Oh right, go hide in the bushes so he doesn't see you. 

Me: All this so she can suck someone's dick (walking away) 



K-dizzle: I don't want to stay here it's too crowded. 

Me: Okay, where else do you want to go?

K-dizzle: A bar that has no one in it, and maybe a bed. 

Me: Home? Do you want to go home?

K-dizzle: No! I want to go out! (stamps foot) But I hate being out!

Me: ...well I'll just wait here then. 



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