more K-Dizzle conversations

K-dizzle: Do you think I drive okay?

Me: I do, I almost fell asleep you were doing so well!

K-dizzle: You fall asleep everywhere, that's no fucking help! (storms away)

Me: I don't




K-dizzle: You're the only one who takes me on dates. 

Me: I didn't think this was a date. 

K-dizzle: I don't know why those other fuckers I call friends won't fucking talk to me. 

Me: I've got no idea... 

K-dizzle: Did you just check out that old lady?

Me: No?




K-dizzle: Your mom doesn't like me. 

Me: She doesn't like anyone. 

K-dizzle: My mom likes you. She even said she would adopt you. 

Me: I know... 

K-dizzle: You're mom's a psycho. 

Me: Well you're not wrong, but she tries hard?

K-dizzle: She's scary. 

Me: Sometimes. 



Me: I swam!

K-dizzle: My mom is drunk. 

Me: Oh... 

K-dizzle: ...are you drunk?

Me: I've had tea all night. 

K-dizzle: You swam?

Me: Oh, are on that now? Yes. 

K-dizzle: Liar. 




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