K-dizzle conversations fight edition

The girlfriend fight

K-dizzle: Your girlfriend has shitty memory because she's an elephant, with no memory!

Me: ???


The Colorado Fight

K-dizzle: Well your short hair really does make you look like Justin Beiber. So take a joke already!

Me: I told you not to say that anymore!

K-dizzle: You were so mean in Colorado!

Me: Stop making fun of my hair!

K-dizzle: You almost slept with my cousin. 

Me: You're just jealous that he wouldn't sleep with YOU!

K-dizzle: If he hadn't been my-shut up you hoe!

Me: Ha. 


facebook information fight

Me: Did you randomly give my fb profile to an 18 year old boy?

K-dizzle: Yes, my boyfriend asked me too. 

Me: The 18 year old boyfriend? 

K-dizzle: Yes. 

Me: So you gave my information to someone who just got out of high school?

K-dizzle: Not my problem. 

Me: He just went psychotic on me, because I never answered him. Stop giving out my info to weirdos. 

K-dizzle: K .... he dumped me anyway. 


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