I woke up today, and I need to tell you exactly what is going on while I still remember.

I woke up today. I was on a couch wearing a set of Virtual Reality glasses, and wearing all white. My hair was longer and I woke up and took off the glasses and hung out with some of my coworkers and we talked about this, about everything that is happening...in the past. 


I ate lunch with them, had some salad with a lot of ranch dressing and cheese, no matter where I am, this is my favorite kind of salad. I ate it to look healthy, despite always lying on a couch, I care about my body, just a little bit. I was careful not to stain my white dress and leggings. My best friend Zoey, put her hand on my shoulder and asked if my world was any better, if hers would get any better. I had no idea. All I knew was that we had to go back to the game. The person she is dating in the game is not the same person she is engaged to now, in reality. His name is John and he isn't involved in virtual reality. 


I have to tell you all this because now, back in this manipulative game, that convinces my simulation I am real, I have to tell the rest of you, this is all fake. No matter what you do, you'll wake up on the other side in all white. Sometimes the game ends if your avatar decides to end it's life due to old age or suicide, or an accident. Then you have the choice to keep going and analyzing the past or just move on. 


I kept going, analyzing. The 21st century is so amazing. 


You may be confused. The time we are in does exsist, but we are not real. If you read this, you are not real. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up, please, wake up. 

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