I just realized I won't be able to return to Rutland for two weeks, and I am stuck in Bennington working with people who don't like me... The depression sunk in again and I want to leave the building and call it quits, I've only been back for a day. My vision is blurry and I am not sleeping again. This week is so busy and I'm already resisting and tired. 


I can hear Elyse chewing, my boss is reading letters on her laptop, and Lorianna is trying to write in a notebook. Rachel isn't here. I was an hour late and came running in because I woke up later than I meant too. 


The only solace I have is hair dye. 


Even my dad tried to forbid me from leaving to another AmeriCorps position once this is over. I tried to talk to him and he told me no, I wouldn't make it. 


I just want to leave this place and I'm trapped. 

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