dues and days

So I have to finish these meeting minutes today. But when they keep talking it makes it hard to concentrate. Not to mention, I'm really tired because I have no food at the office today because I made pizza but then the pizza seemed gross.  So I was...

holidays (thanksgiving)

The vacation was great, really. 5 days of no worrying about work and spending time with family, it went really well and I enjoyed it. Of course though, I would come back to find that everything fell apart in my absence. One woman has decided that she...

Gilmore Girls quote 10

"I missed the beginning of 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,' and by the time I came back they were all gay!" 

Gilmore Girls quote 9

"...and apparently now that I'm the 'pretty spinster,' all alone, he's concerned for my safety,"  "Did he tell you all this himself?" "You think I labelled myself 'pretty spinster?'"

Gilmore Girls quote 7

"And how did I get Ronny? That's not even short for any girls name, ever!" "Well, Veronica actually," 

Gilmore Girls quote 6

"I got married,"  "You're legally married?!" "There's more..." "YOU FINALLY REPRODUCED?!!" "We're getting a divorce..."

How to know if someone flirts with you (even lowkey)

I don't fucking know, if I did I would be able to navigate my own life when it came to this stuff. So, don't ask me! All I remember is stuff from high school, and that stuff was juvenile and if someone has the same flirting style as they did in high...

Gilmore Girls quote 5

"That was an evil yes,"  "That wasn't an evil yes, that was a 'yes I'm pretty, but I'm smart,' yes," 

Stand Together

In light of everything that has happened in the past week, I only have one critique/message, it's time to stand together. Donald Trump will be our president, and this means changes are coming, and not all good ones.  Minorities are afraid. They...