I finally figured out why my mom kicked me out

My mom kicked me out of her new home where she was living with her boyfriend and my younger sister who is 14. She at first told me I could share a room with my sister and I would always have a place to go, she said she would put my bed in there. I...

I'll Miss This Place

    I will miss this place. Not the campus or the college, though sometimes I might. But the city that is a 20 minute drive away, 45 minutes by a long bus ride. The overly large town that masquarades as a city that rests at the bottom of...

boyfriend update

My boyfriend is like really cute and really educational but also said someone who refuses to swear is racist, I don't think he understood what he meant, adorable really. 

I met a guy

I have to tell the truth, I met a guy and we are now official? He is a DJ and as soon as I have a selfie I am going to post it. He is very attractive and very nice. I love it. I am actually enjoying it too much. I need to go go bed.


zo,  hey girl, i heart you hard. you are my bff and i love all tht u do for me. i feel like we have grown closer this year as we both mature, and i know we will never stop talking. you are now the sensible one in this friendship and im so surprised...