Weird shit that happened today to me so far.

1. I was walking to the bank to put some of my babysitting cash in my account. Walking on the river walk (a super duper cool walkway by the river, dirt path with benches and rocks), and I saw a squirrel climb a tree. When I came to stand next to the...


Seriously. I'm not a bad person. This place isn't that bad (I mean the town is bad but not the area itself,) so leave me the fuck alone. I'm sick of people making decisions for me, and about me. Like...fuck you. You don't know me.

Giving up on things.

1. The first thing I'm giving up on is wanting to stay home, where I settled and found some stability... AKA Rutland, Vermont. I've given up because Rutland is small, the people are the same, and I realized I won't grow at all if I don't get out for...


I won't say anything at all.  Oh how I want too, the words Are on the tip of my tongue,  Just waitng for the moment They spill out and wash everything,  And everyone away from me.    There is writing on the edges  Of my brain...

Weeds Quotes 8

"Didn't your fancy private school tell you nothing gets lost? It only shows up in a different form," 

Weeds Quotes 5

"You'll regret this! My lawyer took down...... BREAST IMPLANT PEOPLE!"